Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Rudzi Inc
Rudzi Inc This was our first web design for Rudzi Inc. It's design and development accomplished all of our initial goals. portfolio web development
Rudzi Inc
Rudzi Inc This is Rudzi Inc's new web design. It provides an overall cleaner and what we think more viewable design. The Logo is clearer and bigger as well. portfolio web development
Party Blip
Party Blip Party Blip is one of our web properties. The purpose of it is to give a central hub for bands, bars, and bartenders and the events associated with them so those that are looking for them can easily find them. portfolio web development
OvensOn OvensOn is a recipe site of sorts. It is probably one of our least worked on sites at the current moment. The site is the first of our web properties to receive a image+text logo design. portfolio web development
MyIceNine This is by far the oldest web property in our position. The President of the company has owned this web property on and off since he was around 13 years old. As such, it has gone through many content changes and website designs. Recently it was intended to become a resume based site for when the President was pursuing Game Development. The website is now solely a game information site with hopes to have a devoted hardcore community for game tournaments and events. The newest design is easily the most refined and organized. portfolio web development
Fox City Fitness
Fox City Fitness This is our first website development project for a client. We did the web development and overall design. The logo was provided by a client's friend and was modified by us to better fit the client's expectations and design of the website. This is the original design. The website is now being redesigned to give it a little bit of a new face to show that the company is going in a new direction. The new site is not complete as of yet. portfolio web development
OvensOn Logo
OvensOn Logo The OvensOn logo was designed to show that the oven is indeed on. This is the first real logo that Rudzi Inc has done. logo design
Party Blip Logo
Party Blip Logo This logo was designed with a radar in mind as it strives to be the main radar system for finding parties. It shows that you have found the party. logo design
Fox City Fitness Logo
Fox City Fitness Logo The new logo for Fox City Fitness was done completely in house this time. The new logo demonstrates a more active design. logo design
Rudzi Inc Logo
Rudzi Inc Logo The Rudzi Inc logo was designed to be subtle yet sophisticated and hopefully a little modern. logo design

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