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New Venture: Pierced Edge

on Tuesday, 16 October 2012. Posted in Top, Company

New Venture: Pierced Edge

Rudzi Inc may have started as a Advertising Agency but that was never meant to be the sole area of interest. We feel diversity is key. As such, we will constantly be tapping different markets.

One market that we felt had a bit of a hole was the body piercing market. More specifically, there was an opening in the body jewelry part of it. With such a hole, it would have been foolish to pass it up.

Enter: Pierced Edge. Pierced Edge has been in the books for creation and expansion for over a year already. There were many milestones that needed to be reached before Pierced Edge could be born. We are glad to say, those milestones have been reached.

Now, we mentioned that we felt there was a hole in the body jewelry market. We discovered that there was a demand for sterilized body jewelry. People stick a lot of things in their body. Sticking the wrong thing in to the body can result in some serious damage. Even the safest material in the world can cause headaches and doctor bills that nobody wants if improperly used. Sterilization can prevent 99% of those problems.

Pierced Edge to start will solely be offering body jewelry that can be sterilized by steam unless items that should be able to be sterilized end up having problems during the process. Items can be damaged during the sterilization process because of the high pressure. This isn't an issue for most of the jewelry that was purchased but there can always be those hiccups.

One of our primary goals, is to not charge any extra for this sterilization. The few sites out there that do offer sterilized body jewelry charge a considerable fee. There will be no additional fee at Pierced Edge. We hope that we will lead the way into making this standard.

Therefore, if you are in the market for body jewelry be sure to check out Pierced Edge at Stock is relatively small right now as it is just getting started but new products will be hopefully be added regularly.


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