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Are You Selling With Social Media?

on Sunday, 29 April 2012. Posted in Top, Social

People talk about social media all the time. You should know by now that social media is where nearly everybody is at. As such, you might want to sell on these platforms.

Don't! Well, at least don't do it on your page. Many of the social media platforms offer an advertising platform. Sell your product through that. Don't try and sell all the time anywhere else.

Think of your social media page as another form of contact between you and your customers or possible future customers. Use social media to build a relationship.

When you are constantly trying to sell something, people start to wonder away. They don't "like" you because all you do is have send them sales pitches.

Don't get me wrong, you can throw in a sales pitch every once in a blue moon. It is only natural. You just don't want them to be scared off. Blend it in though. Don't be like, "You need to have this product because it is awesome!" Be like, "Oh hey, this stuff is happening. You might want to check it out."

Just remember, when you are using social media use it to communicate and build a relationship with your fans. The more they like you the more they are willing to use your products or services without needing a nasty scary sales pitch.


How Should You Use Facebook?

on Wednesday, 02 November 2011. Posted in Top, Social

How Should You Use Facebook?

I am still astonished to this day at how many business use Facebook the wrong way. I am talking about making your company available on Facebook rather than the advertising portion of it. You can create a Facebook account. You can create a Facebook page. You can create a Facebook group. But what should you be using for your business?

The best way to go about explaining which you should use is to go through each option and give some of the positives and some of the negatives. Let's start with the account. With the account you can have friends, you can send messages, utilize apps such as games, and various other tasks. With being a business, you want interaction from your clients, customers, or prospects. With a business, you really shouldn't be looking at playing games or befriending people. The added communication might be good but you should already have various other forms of communication implemented. An account is ultimately much more private. When utilizing Facebook for your business, you are trying to create exposure rather than hinder it.

Next up is the Group. Groups are pretty awesome when you are trying to get communication with the people you expect to join, a group discussion. I have found this the best option for businesses that want to relay information to their clients or to keep them up to date. These can be public for people to join or approval basis. 

Finally, you have the Page. The Page is the option a business should use. Especially now that you can use a page as a user. Pages are essentially another marketing tool that allows you to engage with your prospective clients or customers. A page can be liked by everyone. This can potentially be a problem but if you keep up to date with your page these problems can be maintained. Another benefit to the Page is that users who have liked it will have the Page recommended to their friends sometimes on the right sidebar. Pages are extremely popular to utilize by customers or clients because all it takes is on click of the Like while also keep their information private right from the start.

This should be a no brainer, if you are company you should be utilizing a page. You should never set up a separate user  account to have a presence on Facebook because a Page allows that. A group could be an option but those are geared for discussion rather than promotion. They are also not as familiar for users. Oh, if you are a business USE A PAGE!

This was a pretty brief going through but I mainly wanted to stress the point of the Page. Any questions, like us on Facebook or use our contact information to get a hold of us.



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