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Thinking Around Billboards

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Thinking Around Billboards

The past two days I had been on the road to get to FL. Currently, I have a full time job as a field service technician besides running the business. Yes, I have little free time on my hands. But anyways, such a long drive has a lot of billboards.

Anyways, after seeing so many billboards you start to pick on things. Or at least, I did. I just starting thinking how they were good or bad or how they could be applied to online marketing. I also took notice to the other drivers and if they noticed those same billboards.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Now, on the way there were some good advertisements and some bad ones. What is great about online marketing is that when you do advertisements, you can find the ones that are bad and they are easily replaced. Billboards don't offer that to such an extent. Sure, there are ways to find out if a billboard is a success but you can't just change a billboard(unless it is one of those cool led ones but those a few and far between at the moment).

Some of the great advertising I saw used animals. Every time, a billboard with an animal on it caught my eye. I have no idea why but it happened. For instance, there were billboards for hotels. They had these cute puppies. And then, they said something smart and quick. BAM! My eyes were diverted.

Another billboard ad that had images of lizards were for the actual billboard company. Their use of animals were more so random. This time lizards were the animal of choice. Just a big lizard sitting on the billboard image a long with some text. These were even more so eye catching.

Now, there were some bad ones. The general wrongs of these bad ones were uninteresting bland images. Images need to attract not detract. Unfortunately, this happened more than it should. The result: I did not want to purchase the products. I made a mental note to avoid them.

Online: The Final Frontier

Now billboards and online ads are two completely different realms. However, advertising is advertising so there are aspects that can be applied to both. The wording already hints at what works with ads and can be applied online.

Ads should use short and catchy wording while also hinting at the final product. Your goal is to catch the attention and provide just enough interest to get them to click through. You are not trying to tell a life story. The landing page is where you want to do all the life story business.

The images are a little sketchier. Not all online platforms for advertising allow images. And most of those only offer fairly small spaces for those images so they have to be small. Nonetheless, images that are appealing or just random enough to catch the eye are important.

In View But Not In Site

Now, I made it a point to look at other drivers when possible to see if they were looking at the billboards. I like to look at billboards cause it is something to look at and now that advertising is becoming a big portion of my life I need to keep my mind open and intaking anything that I can. However, every driver isn't like that.

First thing I noticed is that locals almost never look at the billboards. They just don't care. Now, there are some who care but it isn't as significant as you would think.

Next, tourists didn't seem all that interested either. I was expecting a lot more to take notice. Granted, I wasn't watching every tourist over a long stretch. But from what I saw, only about 20% bothered to even look at a billboard.

But in the end, this is a lot of guessing cause there really is not tried and true method of tracking billboard performance. Online advertising you can nearly track every aspect of your campaign. But nonetheless, it does give some insight and any insight is good.

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