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The Office

on Thursday, 17 March 2011. Posted in Top, Company

I have been talking about working from home and working in the comfort zone. So, I figured I would go a little more in depth about what my office is. That way, I can do update posts and you can see how my office and the Rudzi Inc office has evolved.

Right now, my office and the Rudzi Inc office is my apartment. Luckily, it is more than capable for what I need to do. I would love to have my own office. It just gives a more formal setting. Right now, the profit margins just don't justify that expense.

There are really two rooms to the office. The living room and my bed room. Most work gets done in the living room at this point. Reason number one is that there is a nice TV in the background that offers excellent background noise and tends to boost my productivity. The bed room has the awesome desk which will be used for a desktop PC when it is actually running. This will probably result in more work getting done in this room. However, the living room is a much better environment for when clients decide to visit "the office."

The main component to this office is the laptop. I can take it to any room. I am still restricted to a cord as the battery is no longer existent.

Eventually, I will post pictures. On the road right now so my current office is a hotel room. Once I get back, hopefully I get the pictures.

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