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Rudzi Inc Sponsors Rusty Motorsports Sprint Car

on Saturday, 21 April 2012. Posted in Top, Company

Rudzi Inc Sponsors Rusty Motorsports Sprint Car

One of the big things I am a fan of are cars. It really is in all aspects. I love to work on them. I love to drive them. If I get the chance, I love to race them. So, it gives make great pleasure to announce that Rudzi Inc is a sponsor for Rusty Motorsports.

Rusty Motorsports is a racing company owned by Russ Borland. Russ Borland is currently the sole racer and does Sprint Car racing. Sprint car racing is a form of dirt track racing. These cars are very distinguished in that they have huge wings. 

The Rusty Motorsports website was done by us. You can go there by going to Be sure the check out the team and if you can go see a race if there is one near by you.

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