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Entering the Blogoshere

on Friday, 18 February 2011. Posted in Top, Company

Entering the Blogoshere

This is something that was not planned for Rudzi Inc. Blogs are the informational highway to millions of readers and the information is generally free. However, everybody and anybody has a blog.

Is this bad? Not at all. This allows multiple perspectives for topics that normally someone would only here about from maybe one or two people. However, blogs are sometimes misused.

Right now though, we won't go into the bad but hopefully shed a little light about what we hope to accomplish with a blog. This is the beginning stage of this blog so the path is not clear cut. But, we like it that way. This allows us to change. Change is good.

Alright, what will be the purpose of this blog. Well, to know that you need to know our target. Our business at this point in time revolves around local small businesses so that is who we are hoping to target. However, this does not exclude others from taking in. Also, we are focused on the internet so as of right now that is what our topics will pertain to.

A lot of small businesses are either

A)scared of the internet,

B)really don't know of the power of the internet, or

C)follow anyone blindly that claims to know about the powers of the internet.


As such, we want to allow small businesses to understand the internet so they

A)are not scared of the internet,

B)understand the power of the internet, or

C)don't fall into any traps that others may set up.


And maybe, just maybe, we will appear more business friendly and prove knowledgeable about what we are doing so that we have more interested prospects.


We are going to try to talk about everything. This includes web development, search engines and their advertising, and social media platforms and their advertising.

Here at Rudzi Inc, we are actually pretty excited about this new addition to what we offer.

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