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Comfort Zone vs. Work Zone

on Tuesday, 01 March 2011. Posted in Top, Business

Lately, I have been taking notice to my working habits around different areas with different elements in my working habitat. Basically, I was trying to find out what conditions increase my productivity versus reducing it. Really, this is crucial for anyone who works and even more so to Entrepreneurs and those that work for themselves.

I have been in FL for the past two weeks in the a hotel. So, my work environment is slightly different already. However, it is a more controlled environment so it is near perfection for my testing.

The first thing I will go over is what I found increased my productivity. A proper office chair was a key factor with increasing my work productivity. Everything else needed to have this or they really didn't not affect the overall goal. For me, it forces me to sit in a more proper position. This position ultimately forces my focus on what is going on in front of me and prevents the laziness from setting in. After that, I found having a TV on in the background helped as well. However, the TV was more effective when it was out of my line of sight.

Now, there were some things that just reduced my work ethic to a crawl. The first is utilizing a lounging piece of furniture. Essentially, anything that allowed me to lay back or tilt myself back set in the lazy mood. The bed was especially true. However, the bed more so seemed to not allow a good position for the laptop. Music also seemed to reduce my strive to get work done. I love music just as much as the next guy. However, it seemed to distract me more than anything. This was done with my preference of genre. I am sure if I utilized classical(not bad just not a preference) the results would have been different.

This was a brief overview of my initial findings for evaluation of comfort vs. work zone. When I come across more findings, I will be sure to expand on this.

Ultimately, this post was to get you thinking on what environment is best for your work. You should find a place you are comfortable with but that comfort must maintain your workability. Going to comfortable will result in less than stellar results. The same is true with going to the opposite end of the spectrum. So, I will close with this question. What is your comfortable workable environment?

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