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New Venture: Pierced Edge

on Tuesday, 16 October 2012. Posted in Top, Company

New Venture: Pierced Edge

Rudzi Inc may have started as a Advertising Agency but that was never meant to be the sole area of interest. We feel diversity is key. As such, we will constantly be tapping different markets.

One market that we felt had a bit of a hole was the body piercing market. More specifically, there was an opening in the body jewelry part of it. With such a hole, it would have been foolish to pass it up.

Enter: Pierced Edge. Pierced Edge has been in the books for creation and expansion for over a year already. There were many milestones that needed to be reached before Pierced Edge could be born. We are glad to say, those milestones have been reached.

Now, we mentioned that we felt there was a hole in the body jewelry market. We discovered that there was a demand for sterilized body jewelry. People stick a lot of things in their body. Sticking the wrong thing in to the body can result in some serious damage. Even the safest material in the world can cause headaches and doctor bills that nobody wants if improperly used. Sterilization can prevent 99% of those problems.

Pierced Edge to start will solely be offering body jewelry that can be sterilized by steam unless items that should be able to be sterilized end up having problems during the process. Items can be damaged during the sterilization process because of the high pressure. This isn't an issue for most of the jewelry that was purchased but there can always be those hiccups.

One of our primary goals, is to not charge any extra for this sterilization. The few sites out there that do offer sterilized body jewelry charge a considerable fee. There will be no additional fee at Pierced Edge. We hope that we will lead the way into making this standard.

Therefore, if you are in the market for body jewelry be sure to check out Pierced Edge at Stock is relatively small right now as it is just getting started but new products will be hopefully be added regularly.


Are You Selling With Social Media?

on Sunday, 29 April 2012. Posted in Top, Social

People talk about social media all the time. You should know by now that social media is where nearly everybody is at. As such, you might want to sell on these platforms.

Don't! Well, at least don't do it on your page. Many of the social media platforms offer an advertising platform. Sell your product through that. Don't try and sell all the time anywhere else.

Think of your social media page as another form of contact between you and your customers or possible future customers. Use social media to build a relationship.

When you are constantly trying to sell something, people start to wonder away. They don't "like" you because all you do is have send them sales pitches.

Don't get me wrong, you can throw in a sales pitch every once in a blue moon. It is only natural. You just don't want them to be scared off. Blend it in though. Don't be like, "You need to have this product because it is awesome!" Be like, "Oh hey, this stuff is happening. You might want to check it out."

Just remember, when you are using social media use it to communicate and build a relationship with your fans. The more they like you the more they are willing to use your products or services without needing a nasty scary sales pitch.


Rudzi Inc Sponsors Rusty Motorsports Sprint Car

on Saturday, 21 April 2012. Posted in Top, Company

Rudzi Inc Sponsors Rusty Motorsports Sprint Car

One of the big things I am a fan of are cars. It really is in all aspects. I love to work on them. I love to drive them. If I get the chance, I love to race them. So, it gives make great pleasure to announce that Rudzi Inc is a sponsor for Rusty Motorsports.

Rusty Motorsports is a racing company owned by Russ Borland. Russ Borland is currently the sole racer and does Sprint Car racing. Sprint car racing is a form of dirt track racing. These cars are very distinguished in that they have huge wings. 

The Rusty Motorsports website was done by us. You can go there by going to Be sure the check out the team and if you can go see a race if there is one near by you.

How Should You Use Facebook?

on Wednesday, 02 November 2011. Posted in Top, Social

How Should You Use Facebook?

I am still astonished to this day at how many business use Facebook the wrong way. I am talking about making your company available on Facebook rather than the advertising portion of it. You can create a Facebook account. You can create a Facebook page. You can create a Facebook group. But what should you be using for your business?

The best way to go about explaining which you should use is to go through each option and give some of the positives and some of the negatives. Let's start with the account. With the account you can have friends, you can send messages, utilize apps such as games, and various other tasks. With being a business, you want interaction from your clients, customers, or prospects. With a business, you really shouldn't be looking at playing games or befriending people. The added communication might be good but you should already have various other forms of communication implemented. An account is ultimately much more private. When utilizing Facebook for your business, you are trying to create exposure rather than hinder it.

Next up is the Group. Groups are pretty awesome when you are trying to get communication with the people you expect to join, a group discussion. I have found this the best option for businesses that want to relay information to their clients or to keep them up to date. These can be public for people to join or approval basis. 

Finally, you have the Page. The Page is the option a business should use. Especially now that you can use a page as a user. Pages are essentially another marketing tool that allows you to engage with your prospective clients or customers. A page can be liked by everyone. This can potentially be a problem but if you keep up to date with your page these problems can be maintained. Another benefit to the Page is that users who have liked it will have the Page recommended to their friends sometimes on the right sidebar. Pages are extremely popular to utilize by customers or clients because all it takes is on click of the Like while also keep their information private right from the start.

This should be a no brainer, if you are company you should be utilizing a page. You should never set up a separate user  account to have a presence on Facebook because a Page allows that. A group could be an option but those are geared for discussion rather than promotion. They are also not as familiar for users. Oh, if you are a business USE A PAGE!

This was a pretty brief going through but I mainly wanted to stress the point of the Page. Any questions, like us on Facebook or use our contact information to get a hold of us.



The Office

on Thursday, 17 March 2011. Posted in Top, Company

I have been talking about working from home and working in the comfort zone. So, I figured I would go a little more in depth about what my office is. That way, I can do update posts and you can see how my office and the Rudzi Inc office has evolved.

Right now, my office and the Rudzi Inc office is my apartment. Luckily, it is more than capable for what I need to do. I would love to have my own office. It just gives a more formal setting. Right now, the profit margins just don't justify that expense.

There are really two rooms to the office. The living room and my bed room. Most work gets done in the living room at this point. Reason number one is that there is a nice TV in the background that offers excellent background noise and tends to boost my productivity. The bed room has the awesome desk which will be used for a desktop PC when it is actually running. This will probably result in more work getting done in this room. However, the living room is a much better environment for when clients decide to visit "the office."

The main component to this office is the laptop. I can take it to any room. I am still restricted to a cord as the battery is no longer existent.

Eventually, I will post pictures. On the road right now so my current office is a hotel room. Once I get back, hopefully I get the pictures.

Comfort Zone vs. Work Zone

on Tuesday, 01 March 2011. Posted in Top, Business

Lately, I have been taking notice to my working habits around different areas with different elements in my working habitat. Basically, I was trying to find out what conditions increase my productivity versus reducing it. Really, this is crucial for anyone who works and even more so to Entrepreneurs and those that work for themselves.

I have been in FL for the past two weeks in the a hotel. So, my work environment is slightly different already. However, it is a more controlled environment so it is near perfection for my testing.

The first thing I will go over is what I found increased my productivity. A proper office chair was a key factor with increasing my work productivity. Everything else needed to have this or they really didn't not affect the overall goal. For me, it forces me to sit in a more proper position. This position ultimately forces my focus on what is going on in front of me and prevents the laziness from setting in. After that, I found having a TV on in the background helped as well. However, the TV was more effective when it was out of my line of sight.

Now, there were some things that just reduced my work ethic to a crawl. The first is utilizing a lounging piece of furniture. Essentially, anything that allowed me to lay back or tilt myself back set in the lazy mood. The bed was especially true. However, the bed more so seemed to not allow a good position for the laptop. Music also seemed to reduce my strive to get work done. I love music just as much as the next guy. However, it seemed to distract me more than anything. This was done with my preference of genre. I am sure if I utilized classical(not bad just not a preference) the results would have been different.

This was a brief overview of my initial findings for evaluation of comfort vs. work zone. When I come across more findings, I will be sure to expand on this.

Ultimately, this post was to get you thinking on what environment is best for your work. You should find a place you are comfortable with but that comfort must maintain your workability. Going to comfortable will result in less than stellar results. The same is true with going to the opposite end of the spectrum. So, I will close with this question. What is your comfortable workable environment?

Working From Home

on Thursday, 24 February 2011. Posted in Top, Company

Rudzi Inc, as of right now, is run from my home. This is great as it keeps the costs down while I try to build up a decent revenue stream. There are some negatives to it though. I am just going to go over some of the positives and negatives in this blog post. A run from home business won't work with ever industry though.

First, let's go over the positives. One, I do not have to travel anywhere to get work done. This saves me both time and money. Two, as I am just starting out it allows me to work around my schedule of my full time job. This allows me to keep injecting money into the business so that when it is time to go full time with the business, it will be self reliant for quite awhile if profit margins are not up to par. Three, I can multitask. I can do some business stuff, clean, do some more business stuff, feed my daughters, and so on. Also, you can pay your bills through the company for tax savings.

However, there are negatives. For instance, working from home when working with other businesses doesn't give the authority as if you owned your own office. Another one, it is much easier to get distracted. Also, work and home really shouldn't go together to such a great extent. That is what I have so far. I know there are more but I won't go into them if I haven't experienced them.

Really, working from home or working from an office is a horse a piece. It really depends on your situation and your actual business. If you can, it is a great way to get started. But, working from your home isn't ideal.

Thinking Around Billboards

on Sunday, 20 February 2011. Posted in Advertising, Top

The past two days I had been on the road to get to FL. Currently, I have a full time job as a field service technician besides running the business. Yes, I have little free time on my hands. But anyways, such a long drive has a lot of billboards.

Anyways, after seeing so many billboards you start to pick on things. Or at least, I did. I just starting thinking how they were good or bad or how they could be applied to online marketing. I also took notice to the other drivers and if they noticed those same billboards.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Now, on the way there were some good advertisements and some bad ones. What is great about online marketing is that when you do advertisements, you can find the ones that are bad and they are easily replaced. Billboards don't offer that to such an extent. Sure, there are ways to find out if a billboard is a success but you can't just change a billboard(unless it is one of those cool led ones but those a few and far between at the moment).

Some of the great advertising I saw used animals. Every time, a billboard with an animal on it caught my eye. I have no idea why but it happened. For instance, there were billboards for hotels. They had these cute puppies. And then, they said something smart and quick. BAM! My eyes were diverted.

Another billboard ad that had images of lizards were for the actual billboard company. Their use of animals were more so random. This time lizards were the animal of choice. Just a big lizard sitting on the billboard image a long with some text. These were even more so eye catching.

Now, there were some bad ones. The general wrongs of these bad ones were uninteresting bland images. Images need to attract not detract. Unfortunately, this happened more than it should. The result: I did not want to purchase the products. I made a mental note to avoid them.

Online: The Final Frontier

Now billboards and online ads are two completely different realms. However, advertising is advertising so there are aspects that can be applied to both. The wording already hints at what works with ads and can be applied online.

Ads should use short and catchy wording while also hinting at the final product. Your goal is to catch the attention and provide just enough interest to get them to click through. You are not trying to tell a life story. The landing page is where you want to do all the life story business.

The images are a little sketchier. Not all online platforms for advertising allow images. And most of those only offer fairly small spaces for those images so they have to be small. Nonetheless, images that are appealing or just random enough to catch the eye are important.

In View But Not In Site

Now, I made it a point to look at other drivers when possible to see if they were looking at the billboards. I like to look at billboards cause it is something to look at and now that advertising is becoming a big portion of my life I need to keep my mind open and intaking anything that I can. However, every driver isn't like that.

First thing I noticed is that locals almost never look at the billboards. They just don't care. Now, there are some who care but it isn't as significant as you would think.

Next, tourists didn't seem all that interested either. I was expecting a lot more to take notice. Granted, I wasn't watching every tourist over a long stretch. But from what I saw, only about 20% bothered to even look at a billboard.

But in the end, this is a lot of guessing cause there really is not tried and true method of tracking billboard performance. Online advertising you can nearly track every aspect of your campaign. But nonetheless, it does give some insight and any insight is good.

Entering the Blogoshere

on Friday, 18 February 2011. Posted in Top, Company

This is something that was not planned for Rudzi Inc. Blogs are the informational highway to millions of readers and the information is generally free. However, everybody and anybody has a blog.

Is this bad? Not at all. This allows multiple perspectives for topics that normally someone would only here about from maybe one or two people. However, blogs are sometimes misused.

Right now though, we won't go into the bad but hopefully shed a little light about what we hope to accomplish with a blog. This is the beginning stage of this blog so the path is not clear cut. But, we like it that way. This allows us to change. Change is good.

Alright, what will be the purpose of this blog. Well, to know that you need to know our target. Our business at this point in time revolves around local small businesses so that is who we are hoping to target. However, this does not exclude others from taking in. Also, we are focused on the internet so as of right now that is what our topics will pertain to.

A lot of small businesses are either

A)scared of the internet,

B)really don't know of the power of the internet, or

C)follow anyone blindly that claims to know about the powers of the internet.


As such, we want to allow small businesses to understand the internet so they

A)are not scared of the internet,

B)understand the power of the internet, or

C)don't fall into any traps that others may set up.


And maybe, just maybe, we will appear more business friendly and prove knowledgeable about what we are doing so that we have more interested prospects.


We are going to try to talk about everything. This includes web development, search engines and their advertising, and social media platforms and their advertising.

Here at Rudzi Inc, we are actually pretty excited about this new addition to what we offer.

Any Budget

Not every business has an extremely large budget. We know that. That is why we accommodate to not only your goals but your budget as well.

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